To request Military Support, please consult with the Community Relations officer, (573) 563-4145, for guidance on requests for military support.

There are a number of state and federal restrictions on how we can support organizations and events. DOD policy prohibits: Endorsing or appearing to endorse a specific organization, product, or commercial service. Using military resources when such assets are reasonably available from commercial sources and where such support would be, in fact, perceived as unfair competition. Using military resources and/or personnel to increase sales, business traffic, or attendance at an event; Using personnel outside military bases to act as guards, parking lot attendants, runners, messengers, baggage handlers, or for other menial tasks; Active-duty military participation in fundraising activities, excluding the Combined Federal Campaign and military relief societies.

If you’d like to request military participation or support for your organization or special event, please read below for specific information on how and where to make your request. To request support, you MUST complete and submit a DD Form 2536 (non-aviation) no less thanĀ 60 days prior to the event. Please keep in mind that if your event occurs on a weekend or outside the normal duty day it could conflict with the off-duty time of our service members, and may be difficult to support.

Forms may be faxed to 573-563-4012 or submitted via email to:

Request for Speaker

Requests for Military Speakers require a minimum of 45-days notice.

Forms can be faxed to 573-563-4012 or submitted via email to:

Request for Tours Form (PDF)

Tours requests require a minimum 45-day notice.

Tour group requirements.

Size: Tours are limited to a minimum of 25 and a maximum of 45 participants (or the passenger capability of one commercial bus). Requests to split the tours into two days for larger groups may be considered.

Transportation: Organizations must provide their own transportation. Tours are limited to one bus load. Requests to use multiple vehicles cannot be accommodated.

Dates: Tours are only offered on a first-requested, first-served basis and may be cancelled on short notice due to mission requirements.

Meals: Requests for lunch arrangements must be made, scheduled, and coordinated by the requestor. Dining in a DFAC is not available at this time.

Mobility: Modified tours may be granted to those with limited mobility. However, this must be stated on the request. If not stated, it is assumed that walking and stair climbing is not an issue.

Forms can be faxed to 573-563-4012 or submitted via email to: