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The National Defense Center for Energy & Environment is slated to provide a demonstration of the Environmental Toolkit for Expeditionary Operations and Gray-Water Treatment and Reuse System, or G-WTRS, at Fort Leonard Wood,
Missouri, Sept. 12.

The ETEO is an engineering capability that enables engineer Soldiers and U.S. Army Corps of Engineers team members to perform real-time environmental screening of the operational environment. This capability increases the
situational awareness of the Soldier and decreases costs and risks associated with expeditionary basing.

The G-WTRS treats gray water from field shower and laundry systems such that  80 percent of the water can be reused in those same applications.

This capability will help reduce the amount of potable water supply and wastewater management required in expeditionary operations or field training areas. The team will demonstrate the ability of the G-WTRS to treat water
from shower and laundry systems. A new heat exchanger that recovers waste heat from showers to reduce fuel requirements for water heating will also be presented.


Media wanting to attend the demo at 11 a.m. Sept. 12, should contact the Public Affairs Office at 573-563-5038/563-4145.