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43rd (Reception Battalion)

3rd Chemical Brigade

2nd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment

A Co. 2-10

B Co. 2-10

C Co. 2-10

D Co. 2-10

E Co. 2-10

F Co. 2-10

G Co. 2-10

3rd Battalion, 10th Infantry Regiment (no page listed)

A Co. 3-10

B Co. 3-10

C Co. 3-10

D Co. 3-10

E Co. 3-10

G Co. 3-10

1st Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment

A Co. 1-48

B Co. 1-48

C Co. 1-48

D Co. 1-48

E Co. 1-48

F Co. 1-48

G Co. 1-48

84th Chemical Battalion

A Co. 84th

B Co. 84th

C Co. 84th

58th Transportation Battalion

A Co. 58th

B Co. 58th

C Co. 84th

Engineer Regiment

1st Engineer Brigade

1st Engineer Brigade, HHC

31st Engineer Battalion

A Co. 31st 

B Co. 31st

C Co. 31st

D Co. 31st

35th Engineer Battalion

A Co. 35th

B Co. 35th

C Co. 35th

D Co. 35th

169th Engineer Battalion

B Co. 169th

D Co. 169th

E Co. 169th

Diver Phase 1

554th Engineer Battalion

A Co. 554th

B Co. 554th

C Co. 554th

D Co. 554th

Military Police Regiment

14th Military Police Brigade

2nd Battalion, 48th Infantry Regiment

A Co. 2-48

B Co. 2-48 

C Co. 2-48

D Co. 2-48

E Co. 2-48

701st Military Police Battalion

A Co. 701st

B Co. 701st

C Co. 701st

D Co. 701st (no page listed)

 E Co. 701st

787th Military Police Battalion

A Co. 787th

B Co. 787th 

C Co. 787th

D Co. 787th

E Co. 795th

795th Military Police Battalion

A Co. 795th

B Co. 795th

C Co. 795th

D Co. 795th

Sapper Leader Course

MSCoE NonCommissioned Officers Academy

Air Force 368th TRS

Navy Detachment

Marine Detachment