Security personnel conduct 100% ID checks at all gates of entry.  Persons aged 18 years and older must present a state or federally issued picture identification.

Persons not possessing a DoD issued ID card must have a valid reason to access Fort Leonard Wood, must undergo a criminal history background screening, and be issued a FLW pass.  Person(s) operating a vehicle are required to have in possession a current driver license, proof of current vehicle insurance and current vehicle registration.


Visitors are provided information by the sponsoring DoD unit/organization on access procedures and requirements for attending graduation events.  For all other Fort. Leonard Wood sponsored events contact the event coordinator for information on access requirements for that event. For more information, see our visitor access page.


A check of the National Crime Information Center Interstate Identification Index (NCIC III) is the Army’s baseline background check for entrance onto Army installations.  The Senior Commander will, in the absence of an approved waiver, deny unescorted access based on the results of the NCIC III background check, when the results contain credible derogatory information.  Such derogatory information includes but is not limited to the following:

  • individual has criminal arrest information that indicates they may present a threat to good order, discipline, or health and safety on the installation
  • if unable to verify an individual’s claimed identity based on reasonable belief that fraudulent information was submitted in an attempt to hide identity to gain access
  • individual has a current arrest warrant, regardless of the offense or violation
  • individual is currently barred from entry or access to any federal installation or facility
  • individual was convicted of any crime encompassing sexual assault, armed robbery, rape, child molestation, production or possession of child pornography, trafficking in humans, drug possession with the intent to sell or drug distribution
  • individual has a US conviction for espionage, sabotage, treason, terrorism or murder
  • individual is a registered sex offender
  • individual has a felony conviction within the past 10 years, regardless of offense or violation
  • individual has engaged in acts or activities designed to overthrow the US Government by force
  • individual is identified in the Terrorist Screening Database as known to be or suspected of being a terrorist or belonging to an organization with known links to terrorism or support of terrorist activity


Person(s) denied unescorted access to Ft. Leonard Wood will be notified in writing and provided a FLW Form 1907 Access Waiver Checklist.  Notification will be either by USPS certified mail sent to the mailing address provided by the pass applicant or served and signed for by the pass applicant when they are at the Visitor Center.

Person(s) denied unescorted access may request an access waiver through their DoD sponsor/point of contact to the Garrison Commander.  Follow the guidance provided in the denial letter and access waiver checklist to submit a waiver packet.


Persons possessing a Department of Defense (DoD) or Federal issued identification card or a Ft Leonard Wood issued pass must present this document at the gate of entry before access is granted.  All persons and vehicles are subject to random inspection prior to gaining access.


Ft. Leonard Wood no longer accepts for access purposes the state issued driver licenses (DL) or state issued IDs that do not meet the Real ID Act of 2005 standards.  Person(s) requesting access with a non-compliant state DL or ID will need to present along with the non-compliant DL/ID one of the documents below to prove identity in order to be issued a pass or given access to Ft. Leonard Wood.

  • US passport or passport card
  • Certified birth certificate (not a photo copy)
  • Social Security Card (not a photo copy)
  • School identification card with photograph (high school and college age students)
  • US military or draft record (DD Form 214)
  • US Coast Guard Merchant Mariner Card
  • Transportation Worker Identification Card (TWIC)
  • US Native American tribal document
  • VA health card

Person(s) requesting access with a non-compliant form of identification and cannot provide a supplemental document as listed above, must be escorted by a DoD ID cardholder at all times while on Fort Leonard Wood.