The United States Army has declared Tuesday through July 5 as Armed Forces Voters Week and Overseas Citizens Voters Week.

Absentee voters are encouraged to register to vote in their state of legal residence, and to request absentee ballots for all elections.

Even though 2017 is not a Federal Election year, all states will hold elections throughout this year on a number of issues.

Eligible local voters are encouraged to register and vote in all local elections.

The majority of Soldiers and their eligible Family members, by being stationed somewhere other than their state of legal residence, must vote by absentee ballot in order to participate in elections.

Registration is required in most states in order to receive absentee ballots for elections.

It is recommended that absentee voters register each year and any time they have a change of address.

For all eligible active duty members of the uniformed services and their eligible Family members (U.S. citizen, at least 18 years old), the Federal Post Card Application can be used to register to vote while simultaneously requesting absentee ballots. It is also used to submit a change of address to your local election official.

The Federal Voting Assistance Program makes it easy. Voters may go online at and select their state of legal residence, which will normally match what is on their leave and earnings statement, and then select to fill out the FPCA.

All state-specific information and requirements are provided.

The Installation Voting Assistance Office is also available to provide information and assistance in exercising the right to vote.

The office is located in Dillard Hall, Building 470, Room 2226 and is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Contact the Voting Assistance Office at 573.596.0131, ext. 60741, or by email at

Remember, your vote is your voice.

(Information provided by Lea Ann Starmer, Installation Voting Assistance officer.)